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New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - NYSACDL

New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - NYSACDL
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Amicus Curiae

The NYSACDL Amicus Curiae Committee assesses cases to determine whether they present an appropriate issue for NYSACDL participation. The focus of the Association’s inquiry is always the legal or constitutional issue, not whether we are sympathetic to a particular client. For the most part, the Committee looks for matters in the appellate courts in New York State and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. From time to time, we file amicus curiae briefs in the trial courts when an issue is of particular statewide or national importance. Members (and others) who know of an important issue that is coming up for review are encouraged to contact the Committee early in the process so as to permit us time to review the matter, to determine whether it presents an appropriate vehicle for NYSACDL participation and to seek an author to prepare the brief.


Members are encouraged to volunteer to join the Committee and to offer their time to prepare a brief for the Association or to edit such a brief.


For more information, contact Amicus Committee Co-Chairs Marshall Mintz or Marc Fernich, or  NYSACDL Executive Director Jennifer Van Ort at