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New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - NYSACDL

New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - NYSACDL
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“Justice should remove the bandage from her eyes long enough to distinguish between the vicious and the unfortunate.”

— Robert Green Ingersoll 

NYSACDL Committees

NYSACDL standing committees are chaired by members in good standing who are appointed by the President. Committee membership is a rewarding opportunity for members to network with colleagues throughout the state and to explore various issues in depth. Members are invited to join committees to further the important work of our association.  If you are interested in joining a standing committee (listed below), please contact the committee chair or Executive Director Jennifer Van Ort at or 518-443-2000 for more information.

Amicus Curiae Committee

Chairs: Richard Willstatter 

Member: Marc FernichTimothy Murphy, Claudia Trupp


Annual Dinner Committee

Chair: Robert G. Wells

Members: Lori Cohen, Timothy Hoover, John Wallenstein

Clemency Committee 

Chair: Mitchell Dinnerstein

Members: Stephanie Batcheller, Lori Cohen, Michael Shapiro, Susan Walsh

Continuing Legal Education Committee

Chair: Arnold Levine

Regional Coordinators:

Buffalo: Brian Melber, Timothy Murphy

Rochester: Donald Rehkopf, Jr., Andre Vitale

Syracuse: Kenneth Moynihan, Craig Schlanger

Capital Region/Saratoga: Allison McGahay, Tucker Stanclift

Hudson Valley: Andrew Kossover, Benjamin Ostrer

Long Island:  Steven Epstein, Steven Kunken

New York City: Yung-Mi Lee, Arnold Levine, Richard Willstatter

Federal Mentoring Committee Roster

Federal Practice Committee

Chair: Mark Hosken

Members: Mitchell Dinnerstein, Timothy Hoover, Anthony La Pinta, Arnold Levine, Elizabeth Macedonio, Kenneth Moynihan, Lisa Peebles, Robert Wells, Richard Willstatter


Finance and Planning Committee

Chairs: Alan S. Lewis, Treasurer

Members: Lori Cohen, Andrew Kossover, John Wallenstein, Susan Walsh, Robert Wells

Indigent Defense Committee

Chair: Michael Baker

Members: Stephanie Batcheller, Alice Fontier, Mark Hosken, Timothy Murphy, Kevin O’Connell, Lisa Peebles, Mark Williams


Justice Courts Committee

Chair: Greg Lubow

Members: Craig Schlanger, Peter Dumas, Mark Williams


Lawyers Strike Force Assistance Committee

Chair:  John S. Wallenstein, President

Members: Marc Fernich, Timothy Hoover, Richard Willstatter

Legislative Committee

Chairs: Andrew Kossover, Amy Marion

Members: Bruce Barket, Wayne Bodden, Anthony La Pinta, Greg Lubow, Aaron Mysliwiec, Alan Rosenthal, Lisa Schreibersdorf


Membership Committee

Chair: Steven B. Epstein

Members: Peter Dumas, James Grable, Jr., Steven Kunken, Amy Marion, Allison McGahay, Brian Melber, Michael Shapiro

Military & Veterans’ Affairs Committee

Chair: Donald Rehkopf, Jr.

Members: Kenneth Moynihan, Andre Vitale, Mark Williams


Prosecutorial and Judicial Complaint Committee**

Chair: Marvin Schechter

Members: Dan Arshack, Clare J. Degnan, Jane Fisher-Bryialsen, Russell Schindler, Don Thompson, Robert G. Wells (NYSACDL President-Elect), Richard Willstatter; Bennett Gershmann (Advisory Member), Ellen Yaroshefsky (Advisory Member)


** The Prosecution and Judicial Complaint Committee (PJCC)is a standing independent committee which deals with the problem of prosecutorial and misconduct. Upon receiving a complaint of misconduct, the PJCC investigates and, where appropriate, files a complaint, a referral or asks for an investigations by the Commission on Judicial Misconduct or the appropriate department disciplinary committees.

Publications Committee

Chairs: Jessica A. Horani

Members:  Alan Lewis, Eric Nelson, Benjamin Ostrer, Claudia Trupp, John Wallenstein


Public Statements Committee

Chairs: John S. Wallenstein

Members:  Lori Cohen, Lawrence Goldman, Jessica Horani, Andrew Kossover, Robert Wells, Richard Willstatter

White Collar Crime Committee

Chairs: Michael Shapiro

Members: Joshua Dratel, Moe Fodeman, James Grable, Jr., Timothy Hoover, Alan Lewis, Brian Melber, Florian Miedel, Aaron Mysliwiec